5 Key Reasons Couples Just Like You See a Counselor

“Counseling is for couples on the verge of divorce.”

We sometimes tell ourselves things like this to avoid addressing a problem.

Spoiler alert: Couples just like you see a counselor on a regular basis. Why? Because most of us learn about love in ways that don’t serve us well. Movies and novels may have taught us about love at first sight and happily ever after… but real relationships are not fairy tales. Very quickly we learn that they require work. Conflict comes with the territory.

Of course, there is no shame in having ups and downs. But the rollercoaster can take a toll if you don’t know how to find balance and appreciation on the ride. When emotions can run high it helps to have a compassionate, unbiased, and experienced mediator to help guide you in Couples Counseling.

Key Benefits of Couples Counseling

Sharing Can Remind You That You’re Committed (and Why)

Day-to-day life can become a blur — or even a grind. A couple once made up of two passionate lovers can feel like roommates or business partners. There’s so much to do and very little of it sparks any fire. Add in children and you may mostly feel like co-owners of a daycare center. With the help of your counselor, you and your partner can re-connect. You can also reorganize your life to have more time together and return to the intimacy and passion that united you in the first place.

Speaking of Intimacy…

Whether it’s the daily grind or marital strife, intimacy can be the first casualty. This can be the cause of resentment, anxiety, and misplaced anger. Such disconnect not be ignored and it may be too divisive to be tackled alone. Couples counseling is a safe space in which difficult and sensitive topics can be openly discussed and addressed.

Conflict Resolution

As you’ll see in the next section, there are some common and specific reasons why couples seeking counseling. In a more general sense, however, we all need a flexible skill called conflict resolution. Individuals evolve over time and what felt right in the early days may seem “off” now. The skills you learn via counseling are applicable over a broad range of problems and concerns.

Couples Just Like You See a Counselor

1. Premarital Concerns

Counseling isn’t just about waiting for a problem to arise. Plenty of couples start therapy before they get married. This kind of preemptive thinking can help nip some major issues in the bud.

2. Dealing With Extended Family

You may feel like soul mates but there’s often an entirely new family to deal with. When that’s not going well, it can drive a wedge between any couple.

3. Life in the Digital Age

The months spent throughout the pandemic have taught us plenty in this regard. A big lesson of 2020? Out time online can create an incredible amount of disconnect if we aren’t careful and proactive. For many couples, it can also mean communication devolves into tweets, texts, and likes from one room to another! Needless to say, this is not a healthy path.

4. Infidelity

Obviously, this is a big one. Undoubtedly, infidelity can shatter trust and set loose an avalanche of emotions. To put it as simply as possible: if you choose to work things out after an affair is exposed, you will need plenty of outside help. Therapy is invaluable.

5. Navigating Nontraditional Connections

More and more, couples are receptive to trying out non-monogamous connections. Whether it’s polyamory, an open relationship, or any variation on these themes, each relationship choice comes with its own set of unique issues. Not to mention that you may face uncomfortable scrutiny from society-at-large. Seeking support for shaping the life you want is vital.

Talk to a Couples Counselor to Learn More

Another variable, of course, is the chemistry between a couple and their counselor. That’s why I invite you to read more about couples counseling today and reach out for a free consultation soon. Let’s talk. I look forward to learning about your relationship and working toward your relationship goals.  Click here to learn more about my Couples Counseling specialty.

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