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Online Counseling

Teletherapy Is The New Normal

Online counseling has become tremendously popular. Many people find it more comfortable than in-person therapy. After all, they have wider access to their needs at home and don’t have to spend time in traffic. Simply put, it’s more convenient. 

Our team of licensed professionals specialize in Online Counseling and we’d like to help you with a free consultation to understand your goals and match you with an appropriate team member.

Are You Looking To Pursue Counseling But Feel Too Busy?  

Do you wish you had time to get help for your mental health needs? 

Maybe you have exhausting work days and long commutes? 

Squeezing in time for therapy could just lead to more stress and burnout. Or perhaps you have children at home, and going to a therapist’s office just isn’t doable to begin with. What’s more, with COVID-19 still raging, you may not even feel safe going to in-person therapy—and for good reason.

Nonetheless, you might still have legitimate mental health needs, and you don’t want to leave them unaddressed. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship troubles, you might wonder: how can I find time to address my mental health needs amidst the hustle and bustle of life? 

Online Counseling in Colorado

In Colorado, virtual therapy has been popular for a long time. Colorado’s a huge state, and many people have to take long drives to get around. Doing therapy online can save you time and money. What’s more, a huge portion of Coloradans live in the mountains. They often have to deal with snowstorms and blizzards, which keeps them from leaving the house for long periods of time. And with a pandemic still going strong, finding childcare is a hassle for parents, which means many of them are stuck at home with their kids. Needless to say, online counseling is simply the safest, most practical option for most of us in the Rocky Mountain State.

Online Counseling Offers Greater Flexibility In Practicing Self-Care

Our virtual therapy sessions give you a safe space to express your needs and concerns from the comfort of your home, or wherever it is you feel most at ease (some patients do it in their car, or in their yard). We offer depression and anxiety counseling, EMDR & trauma treatment, and even couples therapy for those who want relationship guidance.

However, you may have some concerns about not having the same face-to-face connection you would in traditional therapy. Having done online counseling for years now, we can confidently say that clients who engage in therapy online still enjoy the same amount of trust, confidentiality, and connection in-person sessions provide. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown patients who choose teletherapy find it just as effective as regular therapy and report “high levels of satisfaction.” Plus, online counseling provides clearer insight into your life, since you can go about your daily routines and even show us aspects of your home life if you wish (pets, family members, etc.).

The process for our sessions is extremely straightforward. The only thing you’ll need is a laptop, phone, or tablet. We use a 100-percent HIPAA-compliant platform for video conferencing that requires no login, username, or personal information. Prior to each time we meet, I’ll send you a link to the session via text or email. All you’ll have to do is type in your name and we’ll let you into the video conference. The first session is 90 minutes, but it will be at the price of a 60-minute session.

No matter how bleak or hopeless things look right now, We are confident you can find healing and peace in your life. With my help, you will learn new strategies, skills, and coping mechanisms for dealing with your struggles. What’s more, you can do it all without having to worry about travel, weather, and other logistical concerns.

You may have some questions about online counseling…

Does Online Counseling really work?

As with traditional therapy, virtual therapy isn’t magic. If you put in the work, however, there’s no limit to the skills you can learn and the benefits you can gain. In 2018, a study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found it just as effective as face-to-face therapy. A 2014 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders confirmed the same results. Teletherapy provides safety, confidentiality, and the same opportunities for growth as traditional sessions.

If I’m not sure about online counseling, can I just try it out?

Of course! It’s normal for clients to feel uncertain about teletherapy before they start. As we get going, however, we are confident you will grow to find it an enriching and empowering experience. Moreover, the technology is extremely simple and straightforward, requiring virtually no work on your end. If you find that virtual therapy simply isn’t for you and want to stop, however, rest assured there will be no hard feelings on my end. The most important thing is finding a form of counseling that works for you.

Will my privacy be protected in online therapy?

In an age of security breaches, concerns about privacy are perfectly legitimate. However, the platform we use is officially approved by and compliant with the standards of the HIPAA Privacy Act. It is completely secure. All you need to do to ensure privacy on you end is find a quiet space where you can talk without fear of being overheard or distracted.

Online Counseling Can Help You Thrive Again

If your mental health is going through a rough patch and you want to talk to a therapist online, we would be happy to help The only (legal) requirement is that you live in Colorado. You can call us at 720-551-4553 for a free 20-minute phone consultation and we’ll match you with an appropriate member of our team. You can schedule your appointment via phone, email, or the automated scheduling system on our website. 

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