Why Online Counseling is the Right Choice Right Now

All across the nation, people are trying to adjust to our “new normal.” Some of us are being dragged kicking and screaming into such adjustments. Others are finding silver linings they never imagined.

One pervasive accommodation? Classrooms, board rooms, and beyond are learning to become as productive online as possible. However, just because you’ve mastered video chats and long-distance happy hours doesn’t mean all is well.

Life in general — and 2020, in particular — are fraught with ups and downs. People who were struggling before the pandemic may be feeling new levels of anxiety or depression. Even those who started the year feeling good are bound to be fighting off some issues.

Where do you turn for support in this new way of life?

What is Online Counseling?

Like working from home and/or remote schooling, online counseling transforms an activity that once likely involved a commute and a waiting room. At an increasing rate, simply for the sake of time and convenience, both practitioners and clients have been making the move to virtual therapy for years. Then, along came 2020 and the transition to online counseling hit warp speed.

Now, the therapy offerings in this area are now very popular, professional, and practical. Simply put, online counseling is much like quality in-person therapy except that it’s conducted via phone call or video chat.

5 Benefits of Online Counseling in 2020 and Beyond

1. Convenience

What’s not to like about having no commute? No more delays in public transportation. No more traffic jams or circling and searching for a parking spot if you drive. Think of the time saved. For example, a 50-minute in-person appointment could involve three hours when factoring in the round-trip travel and preparation. Not to mention, you can do therapy-at-home in your pajamas, if you choose!

2. Privacy

Even in the twenty-first century, therapy can still carry a stigma for some folks. Online counseling removes the possibility of running into someone in a waiting room or near the therapist’s office. Rather than be placed in an uncomfortable position or subjected to personal revelations you don’t want, virtual sessions keep your sessions extremely private and give you peace of mind.

3. Accessibility

Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to counseling. This may be due to injury, disability, or illness. In rural areas, accessibility could be severely limited by geography. Teletherapy eliminates such limitations and restrictions. It’s a giant step toward more people getting the mental health help they require.

4. Authenticity

No matter what, it’s a challenge for both counselor and client to match up comfort levels in an office space. On a video chat, each of you will likely be at home. This puts you both in a more relaxed state of mind. For the therapist, they get to see you in your “natural habitat.” This shift can really help them better understand you and see you more clearly. For clients who have not yet tried therapy, online counseling — with all its convenience and comfort — is an excellent feature.

5. Affordability

In some cases, online counseling is more inexpensive than traditional, in-person sessions. This could be because your therapist is not dealing with the overhead costs of office rental, commuting, or administrative help. You should feel comfortable talking to your counselor about this possibility.

Steps to Take Before Starting Online Therapy

  • Talk to your therapist about the technology steps they’ve taken to guarantee privacy and safety.
  • Familiarize yourself with the devices you’ll need to partake in online counseling.

How to Know If This Option is the Right Choice for Right Now

After reading the above information, you may still have questions. I’m here to help. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about virtual therapy. Let’s connect and discover how we may work together as a team to help you recover and thrive. Even in the midst of so much external turmoil, you are never alone. Please read more about online counseling and I hope to hear from you soon.

Getting Started With Counseling in Lakewood & Longmont Colorado

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