Anxious about your anxiety? Here’s how therapy can help!

Have you ever felt anxious about the fact you have anxiety? You are far from alone! Anxiety is the #1 most commonly diagnosed mood disorder. It affects people of all ages and lived experiences. Anxiety can look like racing thoughts, feeling sick to your stomach – worrying about things that have not even happened yet.  Many people struggling with anxiety complain of physical tightness – tension in their neck and/or shoulders. They might have trouble falling asleep and difficulty paying attention. It is an interesting phenomenon that humans often become anxious about the experience of feeling anxious. 

Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience.

We may feel anxiety before walking into a job interview or asking someone out on a date. When we feel an excess of anxiety, our bodies begin a sequence of physiological responses. Initially we experience more shallow and faster paced breath as well as an increased heart rate. Quickly, our thoughts become negative and fuel our anxious feelings. 

Counseling will help you better understand the patterns in which you most often struggle with anxiety.

A skilled therapist works with you to explore your thought process. They teach you simple and effective tools for slowing down the emotional chain of events that accompanies our stress. Therapy can help you learn how to truly relax and build better coping and problem solving skills. Self Care Impact works with clients to develop strategies to overcome anxiety while teaching practical ways to use new tools. 

Getting Started With Anxiety Counseling in Lakewood & Longmont Colorado

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