Why Online Counseling Might Still Be Your Best Option After Vaccination

If the past 10 months or so have taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. Uncertainty is always more present than we may wish to accept. That said, uncertainty and a measure of confusion have now become the societal norm. This can render futile phrases like “when the pandemic ends” or “once the vaccine arrives.”

However, the positive spin on this ever-evolving scenario is that it gives us a chance to practice mindfulness. It also points us in the direction of new options. For example, vaccination or no vaccination, online counseling has entrenched itself as a powerful path to positive change.

4 Advantages of Online Counseling


Online counseling offers you:

  • Zero commute time
  • No need to worry about your outfit
  • More flexibility in terms of scheduling
  • Lower pricing (in general)


Therapy continues to grow more common and more popular. Even so, plenty of clients prefer to keep things private. In-office sessions allow for the possibility of running into someone you know on the way or even in the counselor’s waiting room. Virtual sessions eliminate all such privacy worries.

Deeper Connection

When your therapist sees you on the video chat, they are getting a different view of you. This time, you’re on your home turf — your comfort zone. In such a setting, you may feel increasingly ready to reveal more about yourself. Needless to say, this empowers the counselor to give even better treatment!


There are several reasons why therapy may feel inaccessible to you, e.g.

  • Geographical location
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Disability

Online counseling = accessibility.

Why Online Counseling Might Still Be Your Best Option After Vaccination

Some clients and therapists are already planning a return to “normal” once the vaccinations reach a certain threshold. But there are some valid reasons why this may not be the most prudent strategy. Remember, the vaccines are navigating uncharted territory.

  • The “warp speed” approach: The process — by definition — has been streamlined. This means, for example, long-term testing was not possible. This, it is impossible to know yet about the scope and duration of protection. Remember, before this year, the fastest ever that a vaccine reached the market was four years.
  • New technology: Several of the COVID-19 vaccines are using mRNA technology. This has never before been approved for use. Combine this with the “warp speed” aspect and you have a situation that inspires few more questions than answers. You may feel it wise to wait before returning to in-person sessions to see how well the virus is eradicated.
  • Side effects: Plenty of folks are understandably wary of potential side effects. You may want to keep a watchful eye on your own health at home before moving around socially.
  • Variants: We are already seeing many mutations of the virus. Each of these variants provokes questions about increased transmissibility, higher morbidity, and whether or not the vaccines will be effective long-term. Again, a slower move toward social contact without giving up your therapy time may be of interest to you.
  • Mitigation is still advised: Experts of all stripes are stating that masks and social distancing are to remain in place even as more people get vaccinated. If you’d rather not bother, online therapy is still the best option.

All of the above points to a need for much more patience. “Back to normal” is still a long way off. It isn’t necessary to rush back to your pre-pandemic lifestyle before more is known about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Not to mention, a return to in-person sessions negates all the pleasant advantages listed.

Do Not Trust Your News Feed

An arbitrary person on your newsfeed or social media page may have their heart in the right place but please reach out to a trustworthy source regarding COVID. Read more about the benefits of online counseling. Let’s connect for a consultation. This will be your chance to discuss sessions, mitigation tactics, and, of course, your mental health concerns. The more quality information you have, the easier it is to make the right decision for you.

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