DBT for Teens – Therapy Group

This specialized Teen DBT Group will occur at our Lakewood Office on: Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm beginning June 6th – July 18th, 2023 (Skipping the week of the 4th of July)

Looking for a cost effective way to meaningfully support your teen during summer break? Look no further!

IMAGINE your teen having all the skills necessary for:

● Coping with stressful times like exams, breakups, peer conflict
● Balancing powerful feelings & emotions inan effective way
● Navigating complexities ofrelationships effectively
● Overcoming rejections & failures
● Developing mindfulness to stay focused in the moment
● Life skills to become more confident & resilient
● Anger, frustration management skills
● Accepting themself & their current situation

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Does your teen have trouble managing their emotions, often seem weighed down by stress or
appear STUCK in a negative cycle? Have you been waiting to see them truly THRIVE but struggling
to give them the help they need on your own? You are FAR from alone! It’s simply not possible for parents
to meet ALL the needs of their children, independently. Teenage years are incredibly challenging &
complicated. That’s why we developed this DBT Therapy Group – to provide specialized support for teens in the Lakewood area – who are desperately wanting to FEEL BETTER & live life with greater ease!

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is highly researched and has proven effective (particularly when
provided in a GROUP therapy format) as treatment for a range of mental health concerns & can greatly
improve one’s ability to handle distress without losing control & acting destructively or falling into old patterns.
THIS therapy group will help your teen build skills in four key areas: distress tolerance, mindfulness,
emotion regulation & interpersonal effectiveness. DBT is a form of therapy that helps people find the
balance between accepting themselves & changing what they don’t like about themselves.

We’ve developed a fun (yes, fun – believe it or not!) way to manage anxiety/stress, understand emotions &
learn effective communication skills! This group will provide an ENGAGING experience – precisely what keeps
today’s distracted teens motivated to do the work. This unique therapy group will take your teen on a journey
going through four “quests” to learn the four key skills in DBT to help them be the best version of themselves &
feel truly prepared to embark on their next chapter of life.

DBT has helped millions of teenagers since it was developed just over 30 years ago! Adolescence is a
crucial period for developing and maintaining social & emotional habits essential for mental well-being &
later success in adulthood. Considering ALL the distractions & peer pressure our teens deal with (that we did
not have when we were their age) how can we help them? The techniques learned in this DBT
Group can make your teen’s journey into adulthood A LOT smoother!

You can read more about DBT and Teen Therapy on our DBT Specialty Page and our Teen Counseling Specialty Page.

Deadline to Enroll: Tuesday May 23rd, 2023

Deadline to Enroll: Tuesday May 23rd, 2023
9 Total Hours of Group Therapy (6 Weeks of 1.5 Hour Sessions)
Total Investment = $300 *ONLY ~$33/Hour for Therapy!
$300 if paid by Check/Cash, $310 if paid by Credit/Debit Card *Health Savings Funds also accepted

For Prompt Support, Answers to Questions & Further Reassurance that this group is the “right fit” for your teen:
Call/Text: 720-551-4553