Creating the Most Helpful Home Environment for Online Therapy

What once was unusual is now normal. So much of our lives has gone virtual and accepted screens as an integral part of life. There are clear downsides, of course. Those have been well-documented elsewhere. Right now, let’s focus on a positive development in the world of mental health. Online therapy, as known as teletherapy, has been around for a while. And the research shows that it works.

Thanks to pandemic mitigation tactics, it has become the necessary — and popular — choice. Clients from coast to coast are benefiting from its convenience, privacy, and accessibility (see next section). With or without social distancing, many now prefer the video chat format. Your home can be transformed into an ideal therapy setting.

Some of the Many Benefits of Online Therapy


Just take a minute and think of all the factors that are NOT involved in teletherapy, e.g.

  • Commuting
  • Traffic
  • Public transportation delays
  • Choosing an outfit
  • Dealing with weather issues

Online therapy streamlines the entire process. You can aim the bulk of your attention and energy on your session.


No concerns about running into someone you know on the way — on in the waiting room. Counseling is quite common but you have every right to keep your sessions to yourself. Online therapy is ideal in that sense.


There are several reasons why it may be difficult for you to get to an in-person session. These include:

  • Geographical location
  • Disability
  • Injury
  • Illness

With teletherapy, the healing happens right in your own home.


Generally speaking, in-office sessions are more expensive.

How to Create the Most Helpful Home Environment for Online Therapy

Learn the Tech Details

You do not need to be tech-savvy to choose online therapy. However, it helps to familiarize yourself with the platform you’ll be using. Learn the basics. Ask for help if you need it. Then, after a session or two, it will be second nature.

Minimal Distractions

Where is the best spot for you to most appreciate your sessions? Of course, this will vary widely. Each person has different needs. Each location involves different factors. Across that spectrum, some common issues to consider are:

  • Noise: From people talking to you to street sounds, it makes a difference
  • “Traffic”: As in, when are you least likely to be interrupted by family members, pets, phone calls, visitors, etc.?
  • Time of Day: This involves the above two factors and also, self-awareness. When are you most ready to focus and share?

Home Field Advantage

In a therapist’s office, you may not even realize how much you adjust to the location. At home, you have the opportunity to be yourself. Let your counselor see you in your natural habitat. This will relax you and give them added insights. That said, keep in mind that they cannot always read you as well via video chat. Therefore, practice being specific in your language. Name your emotions clearly. Don’t leave it to your therapist to intuit how you’re feeling.

Voice Calls are an Option Too!

Not everyone likes video. Moreover, for a variety of reasons, not everyone is able to make this choice. Therefore, phone sessions are also becoming more widespread. If you think this might be better for you, give it a try. In most cases, you will have the freedom to switch to video format if necessary.

Your Questions Are Welcome!

There’s a lot of info included above. Even so, you likely have questions. After all, therapy has been done offered one way for quite a long time. Change requires adjustment and an open mind. Let’s look at things in new ways together. Please read more about online counseling and connect soon for a consultation. We’ll talk then about the ins and outs of sessions customized to your needs and goals. Your questions are always welcome.

Getting Started With Counseling in Lakewood & Longmont Colorado

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