Individual, Teen, Couples & Family Counseling In Lakewood & Longmont Colorado



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 Hourly Rates
Session rates vary by the type of counseling and which therapist you see.
Our rates generally range from $125-$175 for a standard
60 minute counseling session.
We also reserve a few spaces for clients needing a reduced rate. If this is a need of yours, please contact us directly to inquire about availability.

Cash, check, debit & credit card payments are all accepted forms of payment for counseling sessions.   Payment is due at the time of service.

Insurance Information:
Self Care Impact Counseling is an out-of-network provider and we do not directly bill insurance for counseling services.
many insurance companies will provide some reimbursement directly to you upon receiving an invoice (sometimes called a superbill), which we can provide to you as needed.

If this is something you are interested in we encourage you to call your insurance to find out what reimbursement will look like for an out-of-network provider. Additionally, in many instances clients are able to use HSA or FSA funds to pay for counseling services.

Reasons why we choose not to partner directly with health insurance:
Insurance likes to only pay for things that are “medically necessary”.   They want a formal mental health disorder diagnosis which becomes part of your permanent health record.   As your therapists, we must prove that your mental health condition is affecting your health and overall functioning on a daily basis.  This is difficult to prove and coverage is frequently denied.

Most people seeking counseling are struggling with complex life challenges. They are not necessarily suffering from a mental health disorder and are not in need of a diagnosis. Insurance does not cover “I am having a hard time” or “I am grieving a loss”.  Many of the clients that we see do not have diagnosable disorders but they do benefit from therapy.

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