Victoria Abbey, LCSW

Victoria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Georgia College and State University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Denver. 
Victoria first observed the fundamental connection between mental health challenges, trauma, and behavior while student teaching with children who qualified for special education under the category of an “emotional and behavioral disorder.” After getting to know these youth and hearing their unique stories riddled with acute trauma, poverty, and instability at home, it  became evident many of their maladaptive behaviors were often misunderstood. 
Since then, Victoria has become passionate about deepening her understanding of mental health and the function of behavior by engaging with children, adolescents, and adults in settings ranging from the public school and criminal justice system to programs including residential treatment and outdoor experiential therapy. 
As a therapist, Victoria believes an essential component of life-changing therapy is the sacred aspect of confidentiality within the therapeutic relationship. She deeply recognizes the great vulnerability it takes to share your true self; including strengths, challenges, deepest fears, and “quirks”. Victoria is committed to working with you to help you deepen your compassion and understanding of self in order to recognize your therapeutic and life goals.
Victoria Abbey Personal Pic