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Meet Stacy

Stacy Boone Harrison

Stacy Boone Harrison, LPCC

Navigating relationships and life transitions can be challenging. Offering compassionate holistic therapy, Stacy walks beside you as you discover your strength, ability to heal, presence in relationships, and capacity for wellness.

Stacy received her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling with a focus on Neuroscience-Informed Psychotherapy at Northwestern University Evanston, IL.   Stacy provides state-of-the-art therapy modalities honoring the amazing resilience and strength of her clients. With her past experience working in business and healthcare, Stacy has a gentle, empathic, and open style, bringing wisdom, grace, and humor into the room. 

Stacy is committed to creatively shaping your therapeutic experience to your specific needs, empowering you towards your desired growth and best life!

During moments of leisure, Stacy loves spending time in nature.  She plays in her ‘urban’ gardens and her art studio, experiments with fly fishing, and plays chef cooking for friends and family.

You are a beautiful being, worthy of love and respect!


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