Brittney Blanchard Counselor

Brittney Blanchard, MFTC

Brittney achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Social Work from the University of Iowa. After she completed her undergraduate program, she moved to Colorado, where she gained a wide variety of experience working in the Denver Metropolitan Area. She spent time working as a nanny supporting families by raising and teaching their children. Brittney worked as a Behavioral Health Technician at Denver Health on the In-Patient Adolescent Psychiatric Unit and as a Case Manager in Community Health and as a Residential Counselor with Adults at a Mental Health Center in the Denver area. Following a diverse and clinically rich, early working experience, Brittney earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University. She is wholeheartedly invested in building upon her clinical knowledge and personal growth to provide the highest level of care to her clients and help them reach their highest potential.

Brittney offers an integrative therapeutic approach, stemming from Family Systems Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Autonomic Healing Activation Therapy – a unique, holistic neurological and somatic approach to intrinsic healing – through your own brain. She supports her clients to create goals that they personally feel are most important to them, and supports them in the direction of achieving their personal goals in the counseling process. Brittney is committed to being present with her clients to help guide them through the darkest times, to find the light again or to help them create a life that shines even brighter than they knew possible.

Brittney is a highly empathic person that strives to grow and enjoy life valuing relationships and adventure. Outside of her work as a therapist, Brittney enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling and broadening her world view by experiencing new cultures. 

Favorite quotes: “When you can’t see the light I will sit with you in the dark” -Unknown

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