How we use EMDR Therapy in our practice


I was intrigued by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing when I first heard about it and have become more excited after seeing positive results with my clients!   It is a technique that provides healing from the results of traumatic life experiences. 

It all started with a lady named Francine Shapiro.  She was walking in a park and thinking about her own distressing memories when she realized that her own eye movements seemed to be calming her. EMDR will address your psychological issues in an unusual way – by using your own eye movements. We’ll determine a memory to target, and you’ll focus on that memory while using your eyes to track hand movements.  This allows you to reprocess the traumatic event in a way that can ultimately make you feel different about it.   Some clients feel empowered by the transformation they have.

Many scientific studies have been conducted on EMDR therapy.  Some of the studies show that the majority of trauma victims have improved after three sessions. So you might experience benefits that used to take years of therapy.  It is widely accepted that EMDR works but there are different theories about how and why it works.  The current thinking is that your brain may not have fully processed a traumatic event and that EMDR allows your brain to relive and reprocess the event.

What to Expect

An EMDR treatment session can last up to 90 minutes.  

There are 8 phases of EMDR treatment.  The first two phases are preparatory where we decide what to target and give you some tools for managing stress.  The Eye Movement happens in Phases 3 through 6.  You’ll identify a vivid visual memory related to the traumatic incident, a negative belief about yourself, and your related emotions and sensations as well as a positive belief.  Then I will move my fingers in front of your eyes and ask you to follow them with your eyes. At the same time, I will have you recall a troubling event. You will experience the emotions from that event and I will gradually guide you to shift your thoughts to more pleasant ones.   Phases 7 and 8 involve closure and progress monitoring. 

Significant Improvement can be relatively fast with EMDR!

Studies have shown that the majority of patients experience benefits after several sessions!  Give us a call at 720-551-4553 and we can have a free consultation discussion about your situation and how I can help!